Condition your hair to a fuller look and fuller feel. A balanced blend of Panthenol, wheat amino acids, moisturizers and fruit extracts help to make your hair stronger, resilient and healthy looking. Available size: 8 oz.

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Conditioners Tigi Catwalk Hair Conditioners

Tricomin Conditioner helps promote healthy hair growth by restoring the hair’s natural protein and mineral balance, which in turn can build lusture, and body into thinning, damaged or otherwise unhealthy hair. Tricomin conditioner uses the trademark Triamino Copper Nutritional Complex also found in Tricomin Shampoo and Spray to deliver vital nutrients directly to the scalp.

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Conditioners Tricomin Hair Conditioners

Not just for Dumb Blondes – it’s for Racy Redheads and Buxom Brunettes too. Salvage the wreckage with this protein packed moisturizer including wheat, soy, keratin and Pro Vitamin B-5 Complex. Use as a pH balancer, daily conditioner, or as a hair mask. Available size: 6 oz.

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Conditioners Tigi Bed Head Hair Conditioners